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Forwarding payment by any means to Pegasus Training Ltd., demonstrates your understanding and acceptance of its Terms and Conditions as detailed below.

The ‘Terms and Conditions’ form the basis of the contract between Pegasus Training Ltd (to be known as ‘Pegasus’ for the purposes of these terms) and yourself. Please read them carefully as a contract is a legally binding agreement.

Pegasus Training is a VAT registered company no 278 8136 58 and all prices are inclusive of VAT.


All applications must be made using the official booking form.

The completed booking form contracts you to attend and pay for the course(s) as detailed in the application.

Bookings for the Diploma course and Masters Diploma are for the course(s) as a whole, and not individual Modules and, as such, will be treated as a single transaction.


The application must be accompanied by a Booking Fee of 10% of the course fee(s), which is non-­refundable. Applicants who do not pay the Booking Fee cannot be guaranteed a place on any course.

In exceptional circumstances, the payment of the Booking Fee at the time of application may be waived. This variation in procedure must be agreed beforehand with a Director and does not vary the requirement for a Booking Fee but merely delays it in accordance with any agreement. If the application is subsequently cancelled or amended the Booking Fee is still payable.


For courses paid for by companies rather than individuals, we require a completed application form and Purchase Order, including the full name, address and telephone number of the authorizing signatory, accepting our Terms and Conditions.


The balance of course fees, i.e. the total fee(s) less the Booking Fee previously paid, is due no later than 30 days before the course starts. The only exception to this is where payment will be from an approved Career Development Loan  (CDL), supported by the Training Provider Declaration Form.


A letter of cancellation, together with an alternative booking (on our Student Booking form), must be received at our office no later than 14 days before the start of the original course. In such circumstances, any fees paid, including the Booking Fee, will be transferred to the alternative course.

In the case of cancellations not accompanied by an alternative booking, a refund of fees paid, less days before the start of the course will only be made if the cancellation is received at our office no later than 14 days before the start of the course.

It may be necessary from time to time to change/cancel course dates and venues from those that we have published. Whilst we will transfer your booking together with any payment made to the next available course, it should be made clear that we will not be held liable for any costs/losses incurred by yourself as a result of the original course not running.


Requests for re-sits will be charged an admin fee of £25.00.  All external re-sit requests require adequate notice as stipulated by the Awarding Body.


Certificates are issued in the name stated on the application form. Replacement certificates can be provided for a set fee of £25.00. Certificates will not be issued unless the course fee has been paid in full.


‘Pegasus’ will offer support to students with individual learning needs and/or disabilities. It is the student’s responsibility to inform ‘Pegasus’ of any individual needs on the application form so that appropriate support can be provided.


Aggressive and/or threatening behaviour and any other conduct likely to cause offence or harm to others will not be tolerated on ‘Pegasus’ courses, including, without limitation: Offensive and/or racist language and behaviour; Acting in an unsafe manner; Harassment of others; Damage or defacement of property; Disruption to the work or recreation of others; Taking or bringing alcohol or drugs into the learning environment.

Any student guilty of such behaviour will be removed from the course and all fees paid will be forfeit. If any student’s behaviour results in breaches of the law, ‘Pegasus’ reserves the right to involve the police and to prosecute the individual(s) concerned.


If you have any medical history such as mental illness, heart condition, chest pain, dizziness, bone or joint problems, diabetes, epilepsy, abnormal blood pressure, or ay other conditions or if you are or have been pregnant in the last six months you must supply ‘Pegasus’ with details and consent/authorisation from your doctor prior to undertaking any ‘Pegasus’ training course.

Please contact us for further information, advice and guidance.


We are committed to a policy of providing equal opportunities for all.